Welcome to my blog. I enjoy writing about various topics pertaining to health and to encourage each one of you to bring out your best self by joining me. It is my sincerest wish to inspire you through my words so that you can become healthier both in the body and in mind. It truly means a lot to me that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to read what I have written. Please enjoy and feel free to contact me with any comments you may have.

In love and health.

Rosalind Armstrong

About the Author

Rosalind Armstrong is someone who lives her life to make a difference in the countless lives of those around her and those who enjoy reading her blog around the globe. She believes that life is about giving it everything she has. She does not dwell on the past or overly concern herself with the future instead she lives in the here and now. She knows every day is a gift and lives life as such.

Her unique ability to sense when people are in need is only as great as her ability to truly enjoy serving others. This is a blessing to many people and although she doesn't see it as such it can also be a problem because she has no problem waiting while others go in front of her at any point. A gift to the world, in the love, that she is able to give to the nearest stranger and a belly laugh deep in their soul as she loves to heal with laughter.

Her family is very important to her and she enjoys spending quality time with them when she can. On the rare occasions that she does something for herself, she has a variety of interests. Three of her favorite things to do are to cook an enormous feast, settle down to read a great book or to pack her bag and travel the world. Whether you know her personally or are just following this blog you have met one of the kindest people and it is evident in her words of inspiration and the way she makes you feel like family from the first sentence. Her blog is wonderful, please take the time to enjoy it.

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