The Magic Pill? Find Out Why

SunflowerOne of the biggest threats to the lives and health of human beings is cancer. According to the American Cancer Society’s projections, new cancer cases in 2016 are estimated to reach 1,685,210, resulting in 595,690 deaths. There are approximately three new cancer cases diagnosed and one cancer death every minute in the U.S. That’s 4,620 new cases and 1,640 deaths each day. And per month, that adds up to 140,430 new cancer cases and 49,640 deaths.vegetables-140917_640Some states have higher cancer rates than others. For example, California is estimated to see 173,200 new cancer cases and 59,060 deaths in 2016. Florida is running a close second with 121,240 new cases and 43,600 deaths, followed by Texas with 116,690 new cases and 39,450 deaths. Other states, such as Utah, have much lower rates with only 11,030 new cases and 2,970 deaths. SunflowerEstimated new breast cancer cases in 2016 are 249,260 and estimated resultant deaths are 40,890. And, skin cancer cases are on the rise, as well, topping off at 76,380 new cases and 10,130 deaths estimated for 2016.And sadly, 1,250 children and adolescents are estimated to lose their lives to cancer in 2016 with 10,380 being newly diagnosed with some type of cancer. The facts and figures are truly staggering, and it's clear that more effective preventive measures are needed to bring these numbers down and save lives. More and more each day with the lack of cures coming out of the medical research field, it is becoming apparent that natural products aimed at eradicating cancer may be the only hope.vegetables-140917_640 And, just such a natural product is now available. It is extremely effective because it enhances the immune system, fights chronic fatigue, improves memory and concentration, oxygenates the blood, maintains healthy gums, improves circulation and disease resistance, increases strength and energy, maintains PH levels and optimum alkalinity, builds strong blood and blood vessels, protects the DNA, and most importantly this product inhibits lipid peroxidation while also improving the lymphocyte count. It is called IASO CHAGA and is known as the "gift from God", go here to get your Chaga vegetables-140917_640