Improve Your Health Now

wp-1471908835266.jpegJust By Playing A Wind Instrument. Music is often a source of relaxation, but did you know that it can also have positive benefits on your life as well if you played an  instrument? Believe it or not, it's true. The instruments that use wind not only provide a calming effect on the mind, but also have positive benefits similar to exercise.Physically, you might not think of playing woodwind instruments as exercise but when you blow into one of those pieces of brass, you are helping train your lungs and diaphragm to bring in more oxygen with every breath, and working out your core and abdominal muscles as well. Your body will thank you when you are able to bring in more oxygen you will get all the benefits of expensive  oxygen therapy, without having to get a second mortgage! Mentally, music has been shown to have a strong positive effect on the brain; the mental skills involved in reading sheet music has been shown to develop hand-eye coordination and improve your memory. Compared to mindless activities like watching the TV, music has a calming effect that actively stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain without degrading your vision. It's even said that the benefit from playing or listening to music is comparable to that of  daily 30-minute yoga sessions without the muscle aches and pains!

Of course, it's also true that playing an instrument in general will help you in many ways you'll have a productive hobby that you can spend your free time on; you'll develop a skill that will get you noticed and admired by your friends and colleagues; you'll be able to call yourself a cultured person and mean it; and most importantly, as with any hobby, you'll feel the inherent joy and pleasure of improving at something you love. But when it comes to woodwind  instruments in particular, there's even less reason to go wrong.