Need Energy? Or Having Joint Pain?

beautiful-fallsMonday mornings for the average human are a challenge to say the least. Unless you are the rare exception who everyday hops out of bed like a beacon of health, you can relate to the dreaded dragging feeling. Energy pathways in humans are well understood. Fluctuating energy levels during the day are completely normal.

The problem arises when our modern diets and lifestyles tax the body beyond what it is designed for. Our bodies can enter a state of chronic inflammation. Blood vessels do not deliver enough energy and are slow at repairing muscle damage. Even if we improve our diet, overall health is slow to improve.

 A new product by TLC called Slim AM addresses these issues. It delivers key ingredients that can be an important part of a healthy diet. The most important of the ingredients is L-Arginine a  powerful amino acid. It has been shown to improve vessel function and repair cellular damage. These improvements allow the heart to operate with greater efficiency. This aids in delivering more of the energy delivered from our diet. Slim AM is also packed with many powerful micro-nutrients that are difficult to find in a normal healthy diet. It is a super high quality formulation that will benefit multiple energy pathways. Curcumin is another unique and powerful natural ingredient that is worth noting. It is a potent antioxidant that may reduce joint pain and overall inflammation, this has been called the miracle spice.

When our bodies are operating at ideal levels, we feel better, muscle strength improves, and fat stores are reduced. Living the perfect life that allows our body to operate in an ideal state is not always possible. Slim AM can help you maintain optimum health and overall well-being when we push ourselves a little bit more than usual. If you want to feel like you're taking control of the next Monday morning, check out Slim Am.