Need Energy? Or Having Joint Pain?

beautiful-fallsMonday mornings for the average human are a challenge to say the least. Unless you are the rare exception who everyday hops out of bed like a beacon of health, you can relate to the dreaded dragging feeling. Energy pathways in humans are well understood. Fluctuating energy levels during the day are completely normal.

The problem arises when our modern diets and lifestyles tax the body beyond what it is designed for. Our bodies can enter a state of chronic inflammation. Blood vessels do not deliver enough energy and are slow at repairing muscle damage. Even if we improve our diet, overall health is slow to improve.

 A new product by TLC called Slim AM addresses these issues. It delivers key ingredients that can be an important part of a healthy diet. The most important of the ingredients is L-Arginine a  powerful amino acid. It has been shown to improve vessel function and repair cellular damage. These improvements allow the heart to operate with greater efficiency. This aids in delivering more of the energy delivered from our diet. Slim AM is also packed with many powerful micro-nutrients that are difficult to find in a normal healthy diet. It is a super high quality formulation that will benefit multiple energy pathways. Curcumin is another unique and powerful natural ingredient that is worth noting. It is a potent antioxidant that may reduce joint pain and overall inflammation, this has been called the miracle spice.

When our bodies are operating at ideal levels, we feel better, muscle strength improves, and fat stores are reduced. Living the perfect life that allows our body to operate in an ideal state is not always possible. Slim AM can help you maintain optimum health and overall well-being when we push ourselves a little bit more than usual. If you want to feel like you're taking control of the next Monday morning, check out Slim Am.

The Magic Pill? Update

3c94438aa91e9e1c942a5a2e2aaa2c16In this day and age, it seems that just about everyone has lost somebody to cancer. I know we all have known someone who has had or is having cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation etc.) that are available to cancer patients, but this usually leaves the patient feeling debilitating.Now, I’m a firm believer in more natural methods for preventing and curing diseases like cancer, but unfortunately, many people are not. But, based upon my belief, I was so excited to find out about this amazing product called IASO GHAGA aka "gift from God". It has more than 58 benefits to improve your overall health and prevent cancer. And, if you’re starting a weight loss program, this can help keep you healthy during the entire process.3c94438aa91e9e1c942a5a2e2aaa2c16

You've probably already heard about this magical formula from our previous articles, but maybe you're still wondering whether it really works, well, it definitely does, but why not try it for yourself and find out. Then you too will know what the excitement is all about, experience this product for yourself. And, wouldn't it be great if you could give your children the opportunity to be protected from diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes? Let's face it, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this magical treatment, except pain and disease. And, you obviously could have plenty to gain, like a healthier body and a happier life for you and your children.

How will you ever know if it is as effective as everyone says it is if you don't try it? Just think how much better your life and the lives of your loved ones would be if you discovered something for yourself and them that could improve everybody's health and prevent disease. Excellent health and fitness are available at your fingertips, so don't hesitate, try it today.3c94438aa91e9e1c942a5a2e2aaa2c16



The Magic Pill? Find Out Why

SunflowerOne of the biggest threats to the lives and health of human beings is cancer. According to the American Cancer Society’s projections, new cancer cases in 2016 are estimated to reach 1,685,210, resulting in 595,690 deaths. There are approximately three new cancer cases diagnosed and one cancer death every minute in the U.S. That’s 4,620 new cases and 1,640 deaths each day. And per month, that adds up to 140,430 new cancer cases and 49,640 deaths.vegetables-140917_640Some states have higher cancer rates than others. For example, California is estimated to see 173,200 new cancer cases and 59,060 deaths in 2016. Florida is running a close second with 121,240 new cases and 43,600 deaths, followed by Texas with 116,690 new cases and 39,450 deaths. Other states, such as Utah, have much lower rates with only 11,030 new cases and 2,970 deaths. SunflowerEstimated new breast cancer cases in 2016 are 249,260 and estimated resultant deaths are 40,890. And, skin cancer cases are on the rise, as well, topping off at 76,380 new cases and 10,130 deaths estimated for 2016.And sadly, 1,250 children and adolescents are estimated to lose their lives to cancer in 2016 with 10,380 being newly diagnosed with some type of cancer. The facts and figures are truly staggering, and it's clear that more effective preventive measures are needed to bring these numbers down and save lives. More and more each day with the lack of cures coming out of the medical research field, it is becoming apparent that natural products aimed at eradicating cancer may be the only hope.vegetables-140917_640 And, just such a natural product is now available. It is extremely effective because it enhances the immune system, fights chronic fatigue, improves memory and concentration, oxygenates the blood, maintains healthy gums, improves circulation and disease resistance, increases strength and energy, maintains PH levels and optimum alkalinity, builds strong blood and blood vessels, protects the DNA, and most importantly this product inhibits lipid peroxidation while also improving the lymphocyte count. It is called IASO CHAGA and is known as the "gift from God", go here to get your Chaga vegetables-140917_640