How Are You Feeling About Your Past Holiday Feast?

How are you feeling about your  past Thanksgiving dinner? Meaning did you over indulge? I feel as though I did. This is the time that many of us try a little of everything on the menu. Have you ever said I am  watching what I eat or I am eating healthy well not on this day. All I have to say is do not forget Iaso tea to detox and lose weight . And if you are really serious about losing weight try the solution kit. This  intense weight loss kit is for those who would like to see results quickly, it’s not magic and you will have to do your part to meet your weight loss goals. But this kit combines three powerful products that could have you slimmer and shopping for new clothes in as little as 30 days. kit consists of  the Iaso tea, Nutra Burst and Resolution Formula No.20. Resolution Formula No.20 has had extensive testing that resulted in one unique fat burning machine the final formula for your Resolution to weight loss. The perfect choice for drastic changes in as little as 20 days. Put down the pills and absorb up to 88% more nutrients with Iaso® Nutra Burst a vitamin supplement with many benefits.Your health comes first with Nutra Burst®. Click on the link if  you are serious about losing the weight and getting healthy.

Why? Haven't You Tried This

butterfly-1413678_1280When you  learn about  something that may help you or a loved ones why not pass the information along. This is what I did for my loved ones. If there is a way I can help people to live their best lives, by taking charge of their health I will  and it can happen with this tea. I tried the Iaso tea I am a living witness to this tea that it works. My overall health  has improved. I no longer have sleepless nights, constipation, no longer exhausted or just feeling as if I had no energy. I feel wonderful. And let me say this, when I do not drink ( I did an experiment) the tea I feel the difference. I know many of you are saying it is about selling the product, it's about trying the product for yourself, believe me I know exactly how you are feeling I was one of the skeptics. At the time I was searching for something for my  health issues. But I must tell you I found a lot more in this little packet of tea besides weight loss. M y skin is also glowing, I feel a new burst of energy as I said before, and this product is all natural  how awesome is that! If you want to lose weight, feel rejuvenated and have that glow, what are you waiting for? Try the tea for yourself and someone you love, this just maybe what you or your loved ones need. You will never know until you try it. Do as I did I was really tired of hearing all the hype about this tea. The tea helps you to lose weight with all the other great benefits you have heard about. I must say I am a witness that this tea is everything that is advertised and more, so,  why? haven't you tried this. Learn more here.                                                                                  butterfly-1413678_1280       



Losing The Weight


Drink the Tea And Lose Weight! Every person in the world has multiple toxins in their body and this causes everyone’s body to become unbalanced. There are many terrible side effects when a person’s body is unbalanced and these include being tired all of the time, not being able to sleep well and weight gain.

Thankfully, Total Life Changes has created a Tea to help detox and balance everyone’s body. All a person needs to do is drink one to two cups of the this Tea every day and they will notice the changes almost immediately. e533dee6db18fce70c96a36129b35809

Imagine being able to see a significant difference with how your body looks and noticing how your stomach does not look as bloated as it once did.

While Total Life Changes is the first to admit that these products are not miracle drinks, they do say that the herbal ingredients are what helps people lose weight and feel better. The Tea is designed to detox the body using 9 essential herbal ingredients. These essential herbs are combined to clean out the upper and lower intestines, which in turn clears out all of the toxins and parasites from the body.

Every cup of tea has zero calories and zero carbohydrates and it is safe for everyone to drink. The only ingredients in the Tea are persimmon leaves, holy thistle, malva leaves, marsh mallow, blessed thistle, papaya, ginger, chamomile and myrrh.

It is completely possible for people to lose at least 5 pounds within the first five days of using the Tea. A lot of this weight is simply pounds that come from the body having too many toxins and other parasites. As soon as the toxins leave the body, the weight will start to fall off quickly and easily. All it takes is    drinking the tea every day and never letting toxins build up in your body ever again. 


Update on the Tea That is awesome!

HelloThis is an update on my process for the tea that I am drinking to detox my system and lose weight. I must say this tea is awesome. I have been drinking this tea for about three months or more now, and I must say I have lost weight and have this burst of energy, I have never had before. Usually I am feeling exhausted. I am even sleeping better,I would have restless nights before I decided to try this tea, my skin is also glowing. Give this awesome tea a try like I did and find out what it can do for you. There are so many benefits to drinking this tea. Click here